You’ve likely been hearing about smart thermostats for several years. If you have been hesitant to upgrade to one in the past, the devices have gone through a lot of exciting changes since their debut in 2007. There have been a great deal of developments and innovations in this type of technology in recent years that now have them offering more benefits to everyday living than ever. Several models are surprisingly affordable as well.

Let’s look at why now is a great time to switch to a smart thermostat.

Access to Your Thermostat From Your Phone or Other Device

A smart thermostat typically comes with apps that you download onto your mobile devices to provide you with remote access to it. This allows you to control your thermostat from anywhere that you have phone reception and data or a connection to Wi-Fi. This is very helpful when you need to change the temperature while you are on vacation or even just away from home for a few hours.

Smart Thermostat Scheduling

Smart thermostats provide you with the ability to use the app to create heating and cooling schedules that fit your needs. For example, during the winter, you can have your thermostat run the heat lower during the hours when the family will typically not be home. You can also have it programmed to return to the preferred indoor temperature a half hour before everyone gets home so that you and your loved ones return to a comfortable setting. It’s easier than dealing with buttons on a control panel.

Some of the newest smart thermometers do things like use sensors to detect your movement to understand when people are generally most active in a household. It uses this information to help with making accurate schedules for how to regulate the temperature.

The ability for it to learn is one of the greatest benefits of having a smart thermostat. They can learn habits over the long term, making adjustments to their schedule over a greater period. For example, if you tend to crank up the heat when you get out of bed in the winter or make the home a little cooler during certain hours in the summer, a thermostat that learns will memorize these routines, making adjustments to its schedule throughout the year.

Saving Money on Energy Bills

Everyone likes to save money, and a smart thermostat can be a great tool for cutting down on the costs of energy usage. By simply utilizing the energy-saving tips provided by the manufacturer, it’s estimated that you will save anywhere from 10% to 23% on your heating and cooling costs.

One of the ways a smart thermostat accomplishes this is by tracking your energy usage and then providing you with energy reports. By understanding your usage habits, you can make adjustments that will best maximize your energy efficiency, cutting down on your utility bill.

Another method your smart thermostat can employ is the creation of energy profiles. This means that it creates a profile of your household using multiple factors, which include methods of heating and cooling, the location of the home, and its size. Using these factors, it can be programmed to optimize efficiency and save you money.

Making Adjustments Based on the Weather

Some newer models of smart thermostats can track the latest weather reports for your area and make appropriate indoor temperature adjustments. For example, if it notices that there is a cold front coming in, it can raise the heat of your home a few degrees until it passes.

Easy-to-See Controls and Settings

Smart thermostats are designed to be read at a glance. They have large and simple-to-understand temperature indicators and interfaces. This eliminates squinting at small numbers, poorly lit screens, and being confused over which buttons allow you to make changes.

Compatibility With Other Devices

In terms of their ability to interact with other devices, smart thermostats have made great strides in recent years. For example, your smart thermostat is now capable of syncing with devices like your smart air purifier if it’s on a compatible platform. You can also do things with other smart devices, like turn off your lights and outlets and arm your home security system.

Voice Command Technology

Smart thermostats can now be controlled via voice command. This adds a great deal of convenience, especially for people in the home who may have mobility issues.

Are You Ready for a Smart Thermostat?

After reading about all of the wonderful benefits that come with having a smart thermostat, you might be eager to make the upgrade. There are a few potential compatibility issues that you should be aware of and have addressed before ordering a smart thermostat for your home.

First and foremost, you need to have Wi-Fi for a smart thermostat. If you do not currently have Wi-Fi in your home, you will want to contact a provider to get that set up before you can upgrade your heating and cooling system with a smart thermostat.

Secondly, the type of smart thermostat you can have installed depends on whether you have a common C-wire that provides a continuous electrical current to a thermostat. You can find out if you have this hookup capability by checking behind your current thermostat after you have turned off the power, to be safe. If there is a wire labeled C, then your home is suitably equipped for most smart thermostats. If you do not see a C wire, then it may not be labeled, or you may need an electrician to install one. C-wire adapters do exist but are not recommended because they are known to burn out your thermostat over time. If, for some reason, you cannot have a C wire installed, some smart thermostats are battery powered. The downsides of these are that you will need to periodically change the batteries, and these models are typically not quite as smart and compatible with other devices.

You will also want to check if the smart thermostat that you choose is compatible with the operating system on your phone. Nearly all smart thermostats work with Apple and Android operating systems, but you should verify compatibility if you are using a less common operating system.

Speak to a Professional About Switching to a Smart Thermostat

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