Sewage Backup Repair

Sewage Backup Repair Services in Pensacola, Fl

No one wants to wake up to a backed-up sewer, but when you do, you can call Paradise Home Services 24/7, and we’ll come to the rescue. Sewer Backups can happen for a variety of reasons. Even when you’ve been using the good toilet paper and watching what your kids put down the toilet, you might wonder how you ended up with that nasty sludge in your bathroom. It might not be your fault.

Let Paradise Home Services solve your sewer line problems with high-quality repairs! Call 850-359-9911 today to get started.

What Are The Causes of Sewage Backup in Pensacola, Florida?

Sewers aren’t a closed system. That means you have access to the same sewer and sewer lines as your neighbors. Vandals may cause damage to the system that causes back-ups. Tree or shrub roots can grow into the sewer lines and block flow. The main sewer line of your city may have become blocked. Disposing of fats or grease down the sink drains can cause this backup. Connecting a sump pump or French drain to the sewer line violates the law and backups your sewer.

When the damage occurred due to the main sewer line incurring damage, the city government’s public works department repairs the problem ( as long as its outside of your property line). Private companies like ours cannot work on public property.

Any other cause from tree roots to debris thrown in your sewer line by vandals, we can help you fix it. When your sewer line backups, call the city first. You need to determine if the problem belongs to the city government to repair or if it involves your own home’s sewer lines, which becomes your duty to repair. The city sewer department lets you know in what part of the system the problem resides, so you can call us if you need sewer line repairs.

    Homeowners’ Insurance and Sewer Repairs in Pensacola, Florida

    Check your homeowners’ insurance policy before any problems occur. Many standard home policies do not cover sewer backups. You will need to purchase a rider or add to your home insurance policy before a problem occurs. If the damage to your property occurred because of damage to the city’s mainline, the city government may reimburse you for damages to your home. You must contact them directly about this.

     You may choose to pay out of pocket for repairs. We can do that. We will work with your home insurance provider, too, though.

    Preventing the Mess in Pensacola, Florida

    You don’t have to go through the awful mess of a sewer backup. You can have us come by to install a protective device called a check valve or backflow valve. Your home might already have one of these, but if not, this gadget can save you lots of worries and sewage backup cleanup. When water travels in the wrong direction in your sewer or water line, the check valve recognizes it and closes. This forms a wall between the sewage and your home. Blocked from entering, the sewage backs up inside the sewer where it belongs. You do need to clean the valve periodically. This helps it work properly over the long term.

    When you landscape your home, place your planting, whether bushes or trees at least ten feet away from the sewer line going to your home and the neighbors’ sewer lines. These are typically marked in the yard. You can help yourself and your neighbors by ensuring that roots can’t grow into the lines.

    Contact Paradise Home Services for sewage backup fix and check valve installation. Let us help you protect your home or clean it up and restore order after your sewer backs up.

    If you have a sewage backup, make sure the team from Paradise Home Services is the one you trust. Contact us today!

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