Some homes are constructed on a concrete slab foundation which means that there is no basement to offer a barrier between the ground floors and the earth. A slab leak is an instance of water infiltration of your slab. In case of a slab leak, the water can cause damage to the foundation of the house. This problem can lead to an interior and plumbing nightmare. Hence, an immediate slab leak repair is crucial with the help of a trusted plumber. The professional slab leak repair team at Paradise Home Services are experts and available 24/7 to repair any source and cause of slab leaks.

Some leaks are easy to detect but are not because they are typically out of sight. Slab leaks occur underneath the concrete slabs of a house. It can be an overwhelming task trying to detect a slab leak. Knowing how to identify slab leaks will help address the issue quickly by repairing the slab leaks to prevent further damage. Seeking the help of a professional slab leak repair or a trusted plumber is important to resolve this problem.

Below are the warning signs of a slab leak.

Signs of a Slab Leak
  • Increased water bill – If you notice that your water bill keeps increasing without rising water consumption, there’s a possibility of leakage. This type of leak is typically caused by the water lines that lie beneath your foundation which makes it difficult to detect with the naked eye. Leaking water lines under your slab causes water to run even when the faucets are off, and therefore the water bill rises. The increase in water bills will vary depending on the leak size. It is essential to inspect for a slab leak if the water bill keeps increasing.
  • Standing water or cracks in your foundation – If the leak is noticeable, then it’s an indication of significant damage. If the water is on the floor and has no source, it could signify a slab leak. Water leaks in the foundation can cause cracks to appear. Damages may be seen on the wall or floor. It is a sign of a severe slab leak. It is essential to fix the problem or get a slab repaired as soon as possible. Look for darkened appearance or damp spots if there is carpet in a house. There can also be a warped appearance on laminate or hardwood flooring.
  • Decreased water pressure – A water leak in a slab foundation of a house may cause water pressure to decrease than usual. This event happens because water runs through pipes when there’s leakage. Besides increasing the water bill, a slab leak also reduces the water pressure. Water leaks cause moisture to be trapped beneath the floors. This issue can lead to mildew and mold growth on the floors, resulting in a noticeable stuffy smell in your home. The mold spores can spread to other house areas, including the walls, and it also is dangerous to people’s health. When the mildew and mold spread and cause damage, replacing flooring and other affected areas may be essential. However, it can be a bit costly.

If you suspect a slab leak and want to try and identify the source of the leak yourself, turn off water sources such as a washing machine, dishwasher, and other machines and listen closely to the first floor for a rushing water sound. If you hear water running, it’s a sign there’s a slab leak that needs to be repaired or fixed immediately.

Call Your Trusted Plumber to Stop the Damage

A homeowner can face different plumbing emergencies quite a bit. Even with the proper knowledge and preparation, you can still have serious plumbing emergencies like slab leaks. That is why having a professional trusted plumbing company on hand like Paradise Home Services is crucial. Get your slab leak repair service and get the peace of mind you deserve.


A slab leak is an issue that a homeowner should never ignore. The leaks may worsen over time and become more significant problems. You can call Paradise Home Services today; we provide complete leak detection and leak repair services to both residential and commercial properties.

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