No need to worry, it is much more common than you probably realize. This can be fixed, and your home and belongings salvaged.

  • First things first, turn off the water. As long as more water is coming in, the situation is only getting worse.
  • Second, understand that your wet carpet is only part of the problem. While that moisture must be removed, the moisture in the walls is of more concern. This dark secluded area will hold moisture and humidity creating a perfect breeding ground for mold.
  • Third, protect your belongings. Placing plastic under the legs of furniture will help to prevent swelling and staining.
  • Fourth, use caution with anything utilizing electricity. Water and electricity do not typically play nicely together.
  • Most importantly call a professional. Certified and trained professionals understand the building’s makeup and the potential for contaminants. This knowledge is what will prevent your small problem from becoming a health hazard and an additional expense later on.

Paradise Home Services has certified technicians standing by 24 hrs a day to professionally and promptly handle your water damage repair and mold remediation. Call us today! 850-290-7783.

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