Special discount for Veterans? Yes!

During a July 4th weekend I had an emergency service call from a warranty company, an elderly couple with no air conditioning, and daily temps were average mid–high 90 degrees.

Meet Mr. Wilson and his wife Ronnie, during my visit I learned that Mr. Wilson was turning 86 years old the following week, I also noticed that there were pictures of military service and other patriotic signs and symbols, of which I further inquired. Mr. Wilson is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer with a long service history spanning the Korean and Vietnam wars. I told Mr. Wilson that I am also a Military retiree.

After my air conditioning diagnostics, we found that the equipment was not malfunctioning, at least nothing the warranty company would pay for. The house was brought in hot humid air from the attic due to duct leakage, and inadequate insulation, not allowing the house to get below 84 degrees, I told Ronnie of our whole house as a system approach to air conditioning, with our building diagnostic equipment we can pinpoint problems and repair them making the home healthier, more comfortable and probably lower their utility bills. The color drained out of her face, her eyes lowered, and she shared with me in a low voice her husband’s many illnesses, she was his full-time caretaker living on a very modest budget and could never afford it.

After I left, I couldn’t get the Wilsons out of my thoughts, it was the July 4th holiday, and we wouldn’t be celebrating if not for the brave men and women and their families who sacrificed for the freedoms that we all enjoy.

After a couple of agonizing days, I called Ronnie and asked her with her permission that my team would like to fix her house at no cost to them. The phone was quiet, then I heard her crying, she said that nobody has ever done anything like this to them!

My crew took two days to seal the ducting using the patented AeroSeal process sealing leaks from the inside, we also foamed attic thermal bypasses, and added insulation and a radiant barrier material to the attic knee walls. We serviced their gas furnace and removed and cleaned the evaporator coil and condenser.

I called Ronnie a few days later to see if made a difference, she said that it’s much more comfortable, and the house smells better.

As a military retiree, I love helping our aging vets, when I can; but with your help, we can!
When you need air conditioning repairs and replacement, I only ask that you allow us the opportunity to quote your project, serve you, and offer you a special discount for Veterans.

Thank you and God bless!

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