Throughout the year, families count on quality HVAC systems for comfort in the home. The job of an HVAC system, however, is more complicated than simply controlling temperature. A well-maintained air conditioner will also filter out harmful particles in the air, called pollutants, that can negatively affect a home’s air quality – and, in turn, a family’s health, time, and money. Dust accumulation, the development of respiratory problems, or foul-smelling odors are all important signs that a home’s air quality needs attention.

At Paradise Home Services our company is a qualified HVAC services provider that can conduct a professional air quality test at your home to determine what pollutants are present, then prepare a tailored solution to keep the air clean and pollutant-free. Improving air quality is no different from solving any other problem. To arrive at the proper solution, it is important to know the cause.

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