Air Quality Testing

Pensacola Air Quality Testing

Throughout the year, families count on quality HVAC systems for comfort in the home. The job of an HVAC system, however, is more complicated than simply controlling temperature. A well-maintained air conditioner will also filter out harmful particles in the air, called pollutants, that can negatively affect a home’s air quality – and, in turn, a family’s health, time, and money. Dust accumulation, development of respiratory problems, or foul-smelling odors are all important signs that a home’s air quality needs attention. 

At Paradise Home Services our company is a qualified HVAC services provider that can conduct a professional air quality test at your home to determine what pollutants are present, then prepare a tailored solution to keep the air clean and pollutant-free. Improving air quality is no different from solving any other problem. In order to arrive at the proper solution, it is important to know the cause. 

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Air Quality and Health

 theA basic air quality test for home will detect common biological pollutants: for example, pet dander, pollen, and dust. In most cases, these pollutants can be found under the couch or the bed, existing as nuisances which need to be dusted away. Excess dust can be spread around the home by the air conditioner itself, and seeing it is usually a sign of issues with the HVAC system’s built-in filter. Dust, pollen, and pet dander can also trigger or exacerbate respiratory problems and allergies: lingering coughs, sneezes, wheezes and sniffles can be a sign of declining air quality.

Other biological pollutants of concern include fungi like mold and mildew, which can grow anywhere humidity is present. Inhaling the microscopic airborne spores from either could cause serious fungal infections in both people and pets. Common signs of mold development include foul-smelling odors and musty, more humid air.

Paradise Home Services has the best Home Air Quality and Mold Removal experts that will help you if mold is suspected to be the cause of your poor air quality. We provide intensive testing for mold if it is determined to be contributing to the poor air quality in your home, test samples will be sent to a lab to determine the specific type of mold causing the problem.

Air Quality and HVAC  / Air Conditioner Efficiency

 A well-oiled machine works best, and it is no different with HVAC  or  air conditioning systems. While poor home air quality can certainly harm health and cost valuable time spent dusting, it can also act to the detriment of the home’s HVAC / Air conditioning system itself. Pollutant buildup inside vents, ducts, and coils can impact air flow through the home. Pollutants can also interfere with the function of individual components, such as blower motors, exchangers, and filters. In either case, a homeowner unaware of poor air quality might unnecessarily force their air conditioner to work harder, costing them more on their utility bills.

An air quality test is the first step to protecting an air conditioner’s longevity and a family’s health. The qualified professionals at Paradise Home Services can both conduct air quality testing and perform any necessary repairs for a competitive price. Call them at (850) 359-9911 to get started.

If you need an indoor air quality test, call Paradise Home Services at 850-359-9911 today. You can also contact us online.

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