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Paradise Home Services is a trusted and established home services and duct cleaning company serving Gulf Breeze, FL. Having built up a team of highly skilled technicians in the plumbing, ac repair, duct cleaning, hvac and damage restoration industries Paradise Home Services takes pride in providing a high quality service with a smile.
Being in the industry for years, Justin and his team of ac duct technicians can help you solve any plumbing, hvac or damage restoration job no matter how big or small. Get in touch with our friendly staff at Paradise Home Services today.

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Gulf Breeze Air Duct Cleaning Company

Gulf Breeze is a city located in the state of Florida. It is a part of the Pensacola Metropolitan Area. The city has a population of about 6,900. It is located north of Pensacola Beach and south of Pensacola. It has a moderate climate and has a variety of attractions.

Residents of Gulf Breeze appreciate the relaxed, peaceful atmosphere of the city. A low crime index is another plus. Many people choose this community as a home base and raise their families here. The city also draws tourists looking for a tropical vacation destination. Gulf Breeze boasts scenic waterfront views and plenty of outdoor activities.

Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Clean Air Ducts Create A Cleaner Living Environment in your Home

When your ducts are dirty, dust can accumulate and spread throughout your living space. Dust from your duct can get on your furniture, bedding, and carpeting. No matter how diligently you work cleaning your home, if dust is constantly building up from your duct, it might never feel fully clean. It is important to call a Gulf Breeze air duct cleaning company. When you have a reliable air duct cleaning conducted at home, the dust that circulates in your home will be reduced, and you might find that the time you spend cleaning is reduced as well.

Breathing easier in your home with vent cleaning

Even if everyone in your home is blessed to be free of a respiratory condition, breathing clean air can actually help residents avoid dealing with these conditions later down the line. When chemicals and dust are lingering in the air, asthma and other respiratory conditions can develop. If anyone in your home has allergies to substances like pet dander, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, or mildew, the lack failure to clean your air duct can cause these unwelcome guests to linger and trigger allergic reactions. Dust and pollutants can also lead to sneezing, coughing, sinus issues, and congestion. Overall, clean air ducts will help you breathe easier and use your home as a space to unwind and relax.

Improving Air Flow Efficiency with Vent Cleaning

If dust and other particles are building up in your air ducts, without cleaning, the flow of your air from the furnace and air conditioner duct can be restricted. Your systems will have to work harder to deliver the same amount of heating or cooling. Not only will this keep your home from reaching your preferred temperature, but it also inhibits efficiency, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Therefore, keeping up with affordable air duct cleaning can actually save you money over time.

Florida Air Duct Cleaning


Air Conditioning Installation

You can keep your family and coworkers comfortable all year long with the installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance and and duct cleaning services offered by Paradise Home Services.

Air Quality Testing

Families rely on reliable HVAC and ducted systems all year long to keep them comfortable indoors. However, an HVAC system’s role involves more than just regulating temperature. In addition to filtering out dangerous airborne particles known as pollutants, a well maintained air conditioner will also save a family’s health, time, and money by improving indoor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning

Our home’s air ducts resemble our bodies’ lungs in certain ways. Even though you may not give them much thought, they are always at work on your behalf, ensuring that you have access to the air you need. Your air ducts are conduits and not organs. The duct is in charge of moving air into and out of each room from your heating and cooling systems. Your home’s air is supplied, removed, returned, and expelled via the ducts.

To learn more about Paradise Home Services, call us at 850-359-9911 now or contact us online.

Why Select Paradise Home Services for your Gulf Breeze Air Duct Cleaning?


As there are many different Plumbing and AC repair companies available in Gulf Breeze, it is reasonable to ask, why should you choose Paradise Home Services for an effective air duct clean?

This is an excellent question that you should ask any potential Gulf Breeze Florida Air company. If they cannot answer this question, then you certainly have your answer! At Paradise Home Services, we live to serve our customers. For this approach, we strictly follow three golden rules:

Quality Workmanship

When it comes to quality workmanship, different companies have different perspectives. At Paradise Home Services, quality workmanship means an amazing job at a reasonable cost. This principle is linked with the suitability and quality of material as well as great service.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Paradise Home Services, we believe in customer satisfaction. Our highly educated and experienced team of experts can handle any AC duct and AC repairs, including duct cleaning.

To offer satisfaction, besides business hours, we also provide emergency duct service so that you don’t have to spend a summer night without your air conditioning system. Additionally, for Gulf Breeze residents, we offer Florida air duct services for both houses and businesses.


Paradise Home Services is at your service wherever and whenever you need them. Our duct experts are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. So, just place a service request, and our team of technicians will be at your rental property in no time.


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“Danny was beyond great when removing our old fiberglass shower insert. He came out to give us an estimate (which was far cheaper than anyone else’s) and was able to come back the next day to do the removal.”

Barbara Easton

Thomas thank you very much for your expertise!

"Have had work done twice at our home and both times the jobs were excellently done by Thomas thank you very much for your expertise."


Michael did an awesome job!

“Michael did an awesome job, he was professional, courteous and he was in and out in no time.”


I honestly cannot say enough positive things about this business.

“They updated our plumbing and did installations that made our condo updated and most importantly gave us non-faulty plumbing. They are professional, detailed, reliable, and quick! The best part is, they warranty any work. Great service and top-notch knowledge.”

Shane J.

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“Management and employees function well as a team. Leadership goes out of their way to ensure the customer is supported and services are provided at a competitive cost. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs quality services.”

Eric H.

An hour early for the estimate 🙂

An hour early for the estimate 🙂 was able to do the sink and faucet install that day. Was friendly and personable! Install was done quickly with no mess left behind. Would highly recommend and will use in future projects/needs!